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Rome is the perfect classroom. For centuries artists have been coming to Rome to study the great artists of the past and to immerse themselves in one of the richest most layered cultural environments in the world. The Rome Workshops will provide you an unparalleled opportunity to experience all that Rome has to offer an artist.


Studios are located in a centuries old palazzo in the heart of the historic center of the city at Piazza del’Orologio. The studio will be your home base while in Rome, a hub from which you can explore the surrounding neighborhood and beyond. The palazzo, designed by Borromini is a magnificent example of baroque architecture.


Artistic treasures surround you in Rome. In addition to exploring  world-renowned icons like the Pantheon, participants in The Rome Workshops will visit specific paintings and sculpture selected by instructors to complement the content of the workshops. These tours are designed to  allow instructors and participants to discuss some of the greatest works in the history of western art, from ancient greek bronzes to the work of Michelangelo, Caravaggio and Bernini. These discussions complement and enhance the work being done in the studio.


Participants in The Rome Workshops have the option of finding their own accommodation or using one of the housing options provided by The Rome Workshops. The Rome Workshops houses participants in shared apartments, located around the historic center of the city. All apartments are equipped with kitchens A/C, WiFi and laundry facilities, and are located within walking distance of The Rome Workshops studios, restaurants, grocery stores and public transportation.


For the past two summers I have taken Marc Trujillo’s class, “Painting Rome”.  My first experience with him was so enjoyable I had to come back for more. Marc is a very generous, upbeat, and thoughtful teacher who loves to share his insights about his painting methods.  His leadership sets a positive tone and he effectively brings a group of people together to create a bond of friendship as we paint, learn and enjoy fine Italian cuisine together for two weeks.  I was impressed with the energy he brings to the class, as he offered opportunities for nocturnal painting which went above and beyond the expectations of the program. His acute eye to detail results in students enjoying the best locations to avoid the heat and sun, coupled with the best weather Rome can offer. Take this course! 

Kelly Micca

In June 2018 I had the extraordinary opportunity to travel to Rome and paint the sites under the guidance of artist Marc Trujillo.

I had visited Rome on a number of occasions prior to that but it wasn’t until this occasion that I came to see it entirely differently. When painting the landscape, one becomes a part of that very landscape. One is subject to the effects of the weather, the passing tourists who watch you work and talk to you, and even photograph you. The labours of walking all over Rome carrying ones equipment to ones painting location, or warily back home at the end of a productive day.

I had always caught taxis in Rome, but on this visit I made the decision to walk everywhere. It was the best decision, affording me the ability to genuinely come to know the place. The early morning noises and smells of the market, the same cats or dogs one would pet in a doorway, being able to help tourists with directions with some degree of authority, knowing where the best pizza or sandwiches are, and enjoying the changing light throughout the day.  There’s something about painting the landscape that encourages you to immerse yourself in it more fully.
Marc’s knowledge of locations was outstanding, not only from a picturesque or painterly perspective, but in terms of knowing exactly what the sun might do and the best position for us to be in throughout the day. While it was another hot Roman summer, we were often unbothered by it, enjoying the natural air conditioning offered by the River Tiber while stationed on its banks.
Marc has an encyclopedic knowledge of art history, so when we were doing our tours, it was a pleasurable education listening to him talk about various paintings or artists, and he was always ready with a poignant philosophical quote to illustrate a point.
Encouraged by Marc’s generous and accessible personality, the group quickly established a warm and supportive rapport and became firm friends within those two weeks. Given we were all in a foreign country as individuals that sense of community was genuinely valued by all of us.
I enjoyed the experience enormously and have continued to study with Marc in Santa Monica, California.
Lucille Smithson