As a former participant of the Painting Rome Workshop, I think it’s important to highlight how wonderful this program is. To someone that takes art seriously, the program provides the ultimate educational experience while still leaving room to explore the incredible city of Rome. The faculty was friendly and helpful, and our instructor Marc Trujillo really made the workshop enjoyable. It would definitely not be the same without him.

Not only did The Painting Rome Workshop expanded my knowledge of classical art and the old masters but the class also made me more confident in my artistic ability. Most importantly, I joined a supporting community and built lasting friendships. I can only hope for another opportunity to attend again.

Kelly Santanilla

I was incredibly lucky to have Marc Trujillo as my professor in college and when I found out about the Rome workshop he was teaching, I just couldn’t miss the opportunity. The workshop exceeded all of my hopes and expectations. The workshops are very well organized, the staff are all very knowledgeable and helpful. Marc always made sure that everyone, from the seasoned students to the first-time Italy visitors, have a rich and enjoyable time. His thorough knowledge of the city, his highly informed and always witty discourse, and an extremely approachable and encouraging method of teaching all made my experience of the workshops exponentially better than I could have imagined. Visiting the city as just a tourist would have never provided half the unique beauty we experienced because of the workshop. Every day was an adventure with the gratifying momento of a plein-air painting, capturing some of the most famous and important landmarks in Italy. There’s not enough words to adequately describe how fulfilling and magical the workshop was. If you get the chance to go, please take the amazing opportunity to take Marc’s class. There’s a good reason some students come back year after year. If you’re looking for an awesome plein-air workshop and want to experience Italy through a completely unique lens, Marc’s Painting Rome workshop is the way to go.

Lina Kalaida

Dear David,

I wanted to write to thank you so much for the Rome Workshop this summer. It was so inspiring, and educational and an all-around good time! I learned so much from Hollis and your tours, and made some life-long friends. Some of us have been connected here in LA and we all plan to come back; we also all seriously appreciate all the work you put into organizing and running the program. I can’t imagine a better location for the studios and apartments and the customized tours. Everyone who guided the tours and spoke about the history of the art, creators and environment were so insightful. It all such an unforgettable, life-changing experience. For me, and I’m sure, for everyone else this was more than just a workshop. Thank you so much for everything!!! Hopefully see you again soon. All the best, sincerely

Valerie Pobjoy

Dear David,

In 2021, I participated in Hollis Dunlap’s workshop. I love his work so much and wanted to learn from him. What a great time that was and what a lot I learned! Never before have I taken a workshop abroad and it was certainly exciting to take that step. But what a good step it was, I enjoyed every minute and it was worth every penny. And it is so fantastically well organized by David. He literally guides you through beautiful Rome and the many museums and knows so much about the city and the art. And then of course the fine people you meet and take classes with. And so…I am going again 🙂

Helene Gandolfi


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